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Money-Saving Maintenance Agreements

What a Silver Star Service Agreement Includes and How You Will Benefit

We will perform two service inspections and cleanings a year. One in the spring or early summer for the air conditioning equipment and one in the fall or early winter for the heating equipment. These service calls consist of the following services:

Silver Star

» Clean and Adjust Burner Assembly
» Clean Ignition Assembly
» Clean and Check the Heat Exchanger for Cracks or Holes
» Check the Flue Draft Operation
» Test Safety Controls
» Check Gas Pressure or Electric Heat Voltage and Amp Draw
» Clean or Replace Standard Filters and Aprilaire Medias
  (If They Are Included in Your Agreement)
» Clean and Adjust Blower Components
» Tighten All Electrical Connections
» Adjust Thermostat Calibration If Needed

» Clean Condenser Coil
» Monitor Refrigerant Pressure
» Lubricate All Moving Parts

» Measure Volts and Amps on Motors
» Clear Condensate Drains Test Starting Capabilities
» Check Temperature out of the Registers

There is nothing better for your heating and cooling system than seasonal maintenance. Seasonal maintenance allows your system to work at peak efficiency year in and year out. A system that is maintained, as with our Silver Star agreement, experiences considerably fewer breakdowns during the year. Just a few of the benefits of our Silver Star Maintenance agreements are:

» Priority Customer—We will put your service call before non-agreement customers. This benefit is great for when it is extremely hot or cold, and it is almost impossible to find a service company to come to your home for repairs.
» Extended equipment life to protect one of your largest investments.
» Fewer repairs needed during the year because your system is in tip-top condition.
» Improved Safety—are assured all safety devices are in working order.
» Agreement is transferable. If you move and stay in our service area, your agreement is transferable.
» Improved capacity for those extremely hot and cold days, while lowering utility bills.
» Inflation Protection—No price increase for one year.
» After-Hours Emergency Service & 15% Discount on Repairs 

Billing of our Silver Star Service Agreements is easy with our convenient credit card monthly payments or our discounted one time yearly installment. Call (270) 926-2900 today for pricing and details.