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Choose Wisely in Owensboro, KY

You will have peace of mind knowing that we comply with all codes and licenses, and carry more than adequate types of insurance. We invest in training, certification, permits, and state-of-the-art tools. Most importantly, we stand by our work. All of our employees go through stringent background checks and random drug testing.
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In tough economic times, people look for ways to cut corners and save money. We at Four Seasons Heating and Cooling know this and will always present options and suggest ways you might save money.

There are many safe ways to cut costs. The use of moonlighters and handymen lacking professional industrial accreditation is not one of them. It's true that sometimes moonlighters can complete the job for less cost initially, but you take extraordinary risk when hiring them.

By nature, moonlighters lack state HVAC licensing, do not carry Workers' Compensation insurance for employees, and almost always no liability insurance. Usually, they can't obtain any required local or state building permits because they are operating illegally.

If an unlicensed handyman or moonlighter makes a mistake, such as accidentally burning down your home when trying to solder a copper line with a torch, he is unlikely to have insurance to cover the loss. You may be stuck with the deductible and if your insurance replacement costs are not up to date, you may not be able to fully replace your home and possessions.

When uninsured moonlighters or handymen injure themselves while working on your property, you are legally responsible. You might be liable for their medical expenses, compensation if the individual cannot work, and for pain and suffering.

If the unlicensed and uninsured moonlighter fixes a symptom and not the problem, or performs slipshod work, you may have no recourse to get them to return and perform the repairs correctly. If you use a quality, HVAC state-licensed contractor and the work is not performed satisfactorily, you can contact the state HVAC licensing division and request an inspector to check the work to ensure it is done according to all codes.

Thank you for your great knowledge and helping me to understand what I was buying & why. Most knowledgeable business that I spoke with & the product being sold.
Mark & Tonya Howard, Calhoun
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